We made this small knowledge base as a collection with the most frequent questions asked. Also, here you can find all guide how to use this portal and how its tools work.

What is the portal?

The portal is our in-house platform for live tracking of the process of creating your digital goods. Whether you order a website, branding or social media assets, we are still going to prepare a panel where you can see where we are at, what are we currently doing and you can review them at the same time.

How to use Support Express?

Support Express is a tool on the portal used when you want to make a ticket. If a site is down or there is any other urgent situation, please use the Support Express form. If you need any feedback to give, please follow the links the agent shared with you.

Where do I leave my feedback?

There will be special Figma links you will get for the design where you can add comments and interact with the designer directly. We also make feedback calls at specific timings of the project timeline, so we will give you links to schedule the best times for you.

Where and how do I pay for my goods?

You will see all the data relevant to the deal on your portal dashboard. And if you haven’t purchased yet, you will see a link to the checkout.

How to request all commication?

If you can’t remember what we talked about, we included this feature that will help you get the full conversation with specific highlights of the deal. 

We need 24-48 hours to complete it.